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Enjoy the Easiest Process Possible Selling Your House in Dallas

Best Texas House Buyers is the PREMIER House Buying company in and around Dallas (and other areas across Texas!).

We are not real estate agents looking to LIST your house. We are house buyers who will pay you CASH to buy your house. You let us know what schedule works for you and we close as quickly as YOU need.

What is the best part of selling directly to us? It is a NO-HASSLE process. We cut out the middleman (real estate agents, banks, contractors) and we make it EASY for you:

NO need to clean, repair, or show the house!

NO closing fees, commissions, or money out of pocket!

NO stress on your part!

Don’t worry about repairing or cleaning up your property. We’ll buy your house in as-is condition… ugly, pretty, kinda cute, sh***y… no matter the location.

How Much Money Will You Offer Me For My House?

Hey! It’s Nicole (and Winchester)!

We want you to know that we value honesty and transparency here at Best Texas House Buyers.

Because of that, we are going to do something that no one else will do.

We are going to break down the exact math to determine how an offer is made to you.

“The pandemic put me in a bad spot and I needed to get cash for my house really fast. Mark and Nicole gave me a chance to get my feet back under me and I really appreciate that. I think after all the bad luck I was lucky to find BTHB.”

Sell House for Cash Sean Sean A. [McKinney, TX]

The Detailed Step By Step Process

You Call Us Or Fill Out The Form

You can get started on this right now!

We Talk Through Your Needs

We want to fully understand what you need and see if this is a win/win.

We Set Up An Appointment To Visit You

We’ll work on your schedule. If you prefer a virtual tour or just sending us pictures we can do that too.

We Run Our Analysis

We want to make sure you get the right options, right away.

We Present You All Your Options

You’ll get the highest and best cash offer along with other creative solutions that you might not even know are possible.

We Close On A Date That Fits Your Timeline

Guaranteed sale on time with no closing costs, fines, fees, or commissions out of pocket!

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ARV – After Repair Value: This is the amount of money someone would pay as a retail price after all repairs and renovations have been completed.

Financing Costs – The money required to borrow money is usually made up of principal payments, points, and interest.

Carrying Costs – The amount of money required to hold the property. It is usually a monthly figure made of mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and financing.

Closing Costs – Also known as Settlement Costs. This is the amount of money required to purchase a property and legally transfer ownership (aka close) a property. Here in Texas the seller typically pays between 5-10% of the sale price while the buyer pays between 3-4%. When you sell to us at Best Texas House Buyers you pay ZERO closing costs. Keep more money in your pocket!

Realtor Commission – The amount of money paid to REALTORs or Real Estate Agents during the sale of a property. This is typically 6% and is paid by the seller. When you sell to us at Best Texas House Buyers you pay ZERO commission because we are purchasing the property directly from you and not through a REALTOR listing. Keep more money in your pocket!

Repair Costs – The amount of money that needs to be spent in materials and labor to bring the property up to full market retail value.

How We Buy Houses – Full Example

Scenario: You own a house that is worth $250,000. How did we get to that number? It is the amount of money someone else spent very recently buying a house close by to yours that was completely fixed up to HGTV beautiful levels. We call this a comparable (comp) property. In this case, $250k is the After Repair Value (ARV).

Next, we need to determine how much money it would take to get your house to the same level as that comp house. Does the roof need to be repaired? Do appliances need to be replaced? Any shifting of the foundation (this is Dallas after all!)? We find, at the very minimum, the house will need to be cleaned, painted, outdoor/lawn maintenance, and have some sort of flooring update. Let’s say in this scenario we run down the list of repairs needed and factor in the labor to get a number of $25k for needed repairs. We’ll call that our Repair Costs.

Next, we factor in the Selling Costs. You’re telling me it costs money to sell a house? Yes, absolutely. Since Best Texas House Buyers is going to pay the closing costs we need to figure that into the equation. In a “regular” scenario you would need to pay the Realtor Commission and a portion of the Closing Costs. But if you sell to us we will take care of it and you get to keep more money in your pocket! Let’s say for the sake of simplicity the Selling Costs are $25k.

Lastly, we have a minimum profit we need to hit per deal. Most other investors try to hide this from you but we are being 100% transparent. Yes, we absolutely must have a minimum profit because we are running a business with a fair share of expenses. This is how we put food on the table and pay for Winchester’s meds (he is an older gentleman in the dog world).

With all that computed this is how we come back to you with our Highest and Best Offer of $180,000.

All the numbers are there for you to see, all the math is clear and simple. It isn’t based on the time of year or how much we like your front door. This is our business model and we have no secrets to hide!

Best Texas House Buyers. Cash Offer.

TLDR – Your highest and best offer which we are proud to present is how much the house will sell for minus all our fix up costs. It is that simple!

Why Work With Best Texas House Buyers?

If you call us today we’ll listen and work to understand your situation. Then we’ll give you all the options you have.

We’ll do our research and present to you the highest and best possible cash offer.

Your custom solution will be tailored to your exact situation.

If you are happy with that offer, great! We can move forward and close when it works for you.

If you want to take a different route, no problem! You have ZERO obligation to keep working with us. Walk away any time, no hard feelings.

Nicole and I are here to make win/win situations that work for everyone. And we only want to work with the people who truly want to work with us.

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