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Hey, it’s Mark, founder of Best Texas House Buyers. Thanks for stopping by! If you’re here you probably want to get to know us better and find out why you matter to us.

We are Fixers

If you need to sell your house you’ve come to the right team. We believe there is always an option. We invest in real estate because at the core it is a people business.

Why Dallas?

Simple, we buy houses in Dallas because Dallas is our home! Texas is our home. Would you really trust some outsider across another time zone (or country) to deal with something as important as your house? We are Texans, who help Texans, by specializing in local Texas real estate. 

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Your Support Team

Best Texas House Buyers. Cash Buyer Mark


Founder / Architect of Acquisitions

Mark lives and breathes real estate. He has been in the industry since he was 18 years old, was previously a Realtor (knows all the tricks!), and is an active landlord with properties in multiple states. When this US Army veteran is not being a real estate investor he is writing a blog about being a real estate investor. REIMindset.com. Check it out! If you like any of the following you’ll get along like old friends: mixed martial arts, motorcycles, and… musicals!

Best Texas House Buyers. Cash Buyer Nicole


Director of Design / Administrator of Aesthetics

Nicole knows how houses should look, feel, and flow. From an early age, she knew design was what she wanted to do and went on to earn a University degree in it. In addition to a winning portfolio, Nicole has a sales background. She was the top regional salesperson for not just one, but two national residential home product companies! Now she applies her talents to making our flips and rentals the best-looking properties on the market!

Best Texas House Buyers. Cash Buyer Winchester

Winchester the Home Investor

Head of HR (Howls and Roughhousing)/Top Dog

Winchester’s interests include food, snacks, belly rubs, and treats (yes, more snacks). It is a flavorful world and he is all about it. Chester is the walk-through inspector extraordinaire. When in doubt the nose knows. He is the sultan of scents, director of snacktown, and goodest good boy!

Now Hiring!

Do you want to join the team and get a super cool nickname? Best Texas House Buyers has job openings for residential construction professionals in Dallas County. We are looking for someone with experience in home building, a deep understanding of our current supply chain, and the willingness to live our values. Please contact: Mark@BestTexasHouseBuyers.com 

Our Why

For me, this business starts with the value of choice

I grew up in a family that invested in real estate. Unfortunately, my family lost everything in the subprime mortgage crisis that lead to the US housing market crash in 2007. Everything.

I know what it is like to have your stomach drop when the phone rings because someone wants to collect on money you don’t have. I know the feeling of anger and helplessness that comes with losing a home. We were foreclosed upon and lost all the properties we spent weeks and nights painting and repairing. Life was a cycle of stress and frustration. The same bank that wouldn’t pick up the phone to listen and negotiate was now calling multiple times a day to remind you how you failed to pay them. It was a terrible bitter irony.

I want to serve others because I don’t want you to know THAT pain.

I have spent the last decade-plus building my knowledge, experience, team, and network. When I say we will work hard for you to come up with solutions so that you can have a choice I mean it. Because I want my company and our service to be the team of professionals that I and my family did not have back then. 

Our purpose is driven by the belief that there is always a choice. We are passionate about what we do because we believe that people should always have hope for a better tomorrow if they take action today.

Our Mission Statement

Serve the Texas community of home sellers by building solutions to restore peace in their lives.

Operation Enduring Freedom

I served 10 years in the US Army including a deployment overseas to Afghanistan. When I say we take our mission seriously I mean it.

The mission is the most important thing. We sacrifice to complete the mission. We go through major hardship to complete the mission. We work until finished and only then is it completed.

This is a RESULTS-oriented company.

Our success in bringing you the best solution is not a game we play to win. It is our cause and objective. They matter to you and to us.

Our Core Values

From a decade in the military to nearly a decade in the corporate world, the values have shaped us. Successfully providing you the best solution and following through to overdeliver is what we do because it is who we are. 

Our core values are the guiding light on the path. It is how we conduct ourselves in our business regardless of circumstances. These values are our code. They are not optional. 


We always embrace the responsibility of delivering the best options, service, and execution. No excuses. No compromise. 


At all times we conduct our business with the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and righteousness. 


Our standard is to lead as thoughtful, humble, and positive members of our community. We treat people right.

Best Texas House Buyers Is Proud To Be a BBB Accredited Business

Accredited House Buyers Dallas
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We believe in high standards and working to exceptional levels of professionalism. We do things the right way the first time, every time. We believe in accomplishing the mission with integrity and treating people with respect.

When you fill out the form below you will receive prompt communication. Your data, situation, and communications will always be confidential. You will get a team that works with you and your unique circumstances to get you the best cash offer solution. No risk and no obligation. We’ll close on your property and get you the cash you want ASAP.

Our Best Texas House Buyers Guarantee

We will craft for you the MOST complete, fully customized house-selling solution that will allow you to get back to living your LIFE. The world is complicated enough, can we agree on that? You are NOT alone, most people go through tough times, and we are serious buyers! Before you make up your mind, this is what you get when you work with us:

  • You will be treated with complete respect because we have been there too.
  • You’ll get timely communication. Emails, calls, texts when you want them.
  • All your information is confidential. We will never sell or disclose it to anyone.
  • You get a full plan from start to finish. We will be there to guide you during the entire process.
  • No need to clean or repair the property. We will buy it “as is” in any condition.
  • You get quick relief from the endless collection calls and annoying bill collectors.
  • More money in your pocket. Never pay commissions or closing costs.
  • More options to choose from including the highest and best cash offer.
  • Your time and life back. Put problem properties behind you and cash in hands.

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