Sell Your House Without Listing It With An Agent

Cash House Buyers Are Better Than Listing With Real Estate Agents

If you are on this site then you are probably wondering why you would want to sell your house for cash instead of going the traditional route and listing your property with a real estate agent.

I am going to prove to you the truth. It is simply faster, easier, and more convenient to sell your house for cash directly to a home buyer (like me)!

Selling Your House for Cash Is Faster Than Listing on the MLS

The current days on market for Dallas: 32 days. And that is only for the houses that successfully sell. Those are the winners. It could be shorter for you, but it could also certainly be longer! 

That metric, days on market, is only looking to become longer. With the economy uncertain and people less willing to take on massive monthly payments because of rising interest rates, the wait could be a long one.

Selling your house for cash means zero days on market! If you need to move quickly this is your best bet! Cash buyers have money ready to go. You don’t need to wait for traditional buyers to qualify for mortgages that may or may not be approved. Why wait weeks or months when cash buyers only need a few days?

You Keep More Money In Your Pocket With Cash Buyers

Real estate agents and their brokers work on commission. In Texas, you the seller, are the one that usually pays that expense. This translates to thousands of dollars you are paying out of pocket.

Cash buyers pay you money and there is no commission.

Selling to Cash House Buyers is Far More Convenient 

Which of the following house-selling activities would you like to completely skip?

  • Repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Property photos
  • Maintain the property in showing condition 
  • Accommodating open houses on the weekends
  • Flexing your schedule for showings whenever someone feels like it
  • Doing all the above for weeks or months until an acceptable offer appears

Everything above compounds in complexity if you have kids, a busy job, or other life events that will require your time and attention. Selling to a cash buyer is far easier because our team will buy the property as it is today. No need to repair, clean up, or change anything. 

You Get to Control the Whole Process

Selling to a cash buyer works better for your time. You skip the common pain points of repairs and cleaning which means that you get to spend your time how you choose.

Additionally, you get to dictate when the closing happens. We can take as much or as little time as you need. Your life and schedule matter.

Most importantly you control the fact that selling to a cash buyer is a guaranteed sale. Avoid months of waiting for the right buyer who has their own finances to sort and a timeline to consider. 

You Are in Good Company

Did you know that more than 30% of all houses are bought with cash offers? Most people are surprised by that fact! Selling a house for cash is extremely common and a very straightforward process.

The process is simple, easy, and straightforward. With almost a third of all home sellers taking a cash offer, it is worth your time to consider if it is the right move for you. 

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