Why Airbnbs in Dallas Are A Risk!

Are you debating between selling your house for cash or renting it out for cashflow? You are not alone!

Yes, renting out a property as a short-term rental through popular platforms like Airbnb and VRBO can bring in extra dollars. However, there are many things that need to considered.

  • It takes money to buy the property, renovate it, and (unlike most long-term rental properties) you need to also furnish it.
  • Running a short-term rental is a full-time business that is more like a hotel than a rental unit.
  • The city of Dallas is actively looking at laws and registration programs that can negatively impact STRs.

Could you make short-term rental units a viable investment strategy? Check out the podcast for a ton of actionable information!

Check out our founder, Mark on the Accidental Landlord Podcast – Episode 18!

Special thanks to Peter McKenzie and the team over at Rincon Management for producing this high quality interview!

Check them out here:

Rincon Management

The Accidental Landlord Podcast

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